Monday, September 15, 2014

My Burberry SS15 Nail Color Inspirations and Review

The Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 show was bursting with color and overall sense of femininity, which in turn inspired me to try out possible nail polish colors for my SS15 nail art collection.
Burberry’s spring fashion was filled with hot pinks hues, an array of blues and greens with a dash of cayenne red pepper. 
I decided on 5 brands to start my review

  • Revlon nail enamels in the shade Make Mine Mango 920. This shade looks like the Burberry’s Runway design
  • Sally Hansen’s color in Shrimply Devine 520.
  • Dior Vernis in Rouge 999. That’s my hot cayenne red, like the bugs in the Burberrys S/S15 runway video
  • F21 nail polish brand Love & Beauty in the color Rose
  • Essie nail Lacquer in Turquoise & Caicos,  to go with the beautiful dresses in Christopher Bailey’s collection at #LFW
Burberry ss15 color inspiration beautybyswblogspot

Nail polish consistency is a personal preference, don’t you think? Thinner, sheer, opaque, what ever your preference might be I do think we are all looking for a polish that stands the test of our daily activities. As I was pressed for time and choose to do a quick water mani to cleanse my nails and cuticles. I follow up with Bond Aid from OPI to help the polish adhere better and then the No Chip Base coat by Sally Hansen (know your nail condition to make your own base choices).

LFW spring Summer 2015 Trend color inspiration Burberry

Pink Orange Red Coral and Blue Nail polish review beauty by sw beauty blogger

Beauty blogger Beauty by SW blogspot Revlon and Dior nail polish Review

The 1st coats of colored nail polish will let you know if your choice in brands is sheerer or a one coat wonder. The Sally Hansen and the Revlon Nail Polishes went on a bit streaky for my liking. This was a indicator I would have to layer 3 coats of polish.
The Essie Nail Lacquer was a little sheer but I do feel 2 coats would be enough to achieve the color density I like. The last two colors are my One Coat Wonders, the Dior Rouge 999 and the F21 Rose Nail Lacquers. Either polish would be a great travel companion for Fashion Week. Both polishes are long lasting one quick layer and you’re ready for Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week.
I say you should all pop over to Burberry’s Twitter feed to see some of the gorgeous color inspiration for yourself. As much as we all love black, a little color livens the senses, don’t you agree?

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Breakfast with Kate Lanphear, Anna Wintour,Eva Chen and Natalie Massenet during New York Fashion Week

Mom and I got a late start to day 6 of NYFW. We are starving, so we head out to breakfast at one of our favorite local spots. Little did I know that within a half an hour I would be the sloppy egg in the middle of a fashion titan breakfast crumpet!

Fashion Blogger Beauty Blogger Beauty by SW Blogspot

There we sat in a white, bright room, this should have been my first indication that I’d died and gone to fashion heaven.  I look two tables down and OMG! It’s Anna Wintour and Natalie Massenet having a power breakie, discussing her son’s wedding and various other fashion related things. My blood pressure starts to rise. I say to myself “do I walk over and tell Mrs. Wintour that I watch over and over the BBC mini bio Boss Women about her to keep me inspired and empowered as a mother and woman and do I let Net- a-Porter Maven, Natalie Massenet, know I've scrapbooked every article written about her lifestyle and business processes?” I decided NO, I’m sure some of you are saying- stupid move!  But I was venturing into star struck fan zone. How do I know this to be- my blood pressure was through the roof, prickly heat on my chest and face and (waiter could you turn the air up?) I’m sweating like a sinner in church! That’s how I knew I was star struck.
If the 2 fashion titans weren't enough, behind me I hear a familiar voice, I know this voice OMG_OMG! It’s Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of my favorite Lucky Magazine. My mom has no idea what is going on and asks me if I’m ok. I said fine mom! She then tells me how she loves the green and floral print dress that women has on and is going to ask her where she got it. The women in the dress (Eva Chen). Now I’m in full panic. I tried to text my mom about what was happening but my hands were shaking and she got up before I hit send. From that point on everything felt like slow motion, what Ashton Kutcher starting up Punked again and I’m his victim? When mom finally read the text, her response was “get up and tell Eva Chen your thoughts!” Thanks mother only the top editors of fashion are surrounding me and I feel like the sloppy egg in the middle of a fashion crumpet! I did go speak with Eva Chen, she made me feel so at ease that I then managed to go speak to Natalie Massenet only briefly as she was getting ready to leave. Mostly about my admiration and her super cool shoes, she was so wonderful. Anna Wintour has a secret escape way out of the building so I never got my chance at true bravery. As I was walking back to my table I notice that the women whose hair I had been admiring, well more like using her hair as a focus point for calming down, was none other than Kate Lanphear! I truly have died and gone to fashion heaven! I decide to tell her how much I love her hair color and was considering going platinum myself. Ms. Kate Lanphear, being the wonderfully down to earth and kind person she seems to be, agreed to have her picture taken with me outside of the restaurant. Kate just a thank you for convincing me to go platinum blonde and an added note of congratulation on making Editor-in-Chief of Maxim Magazine.
At this point I could have left day 6 of NY fashion week and been happy.

Until my next adventure


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fashion Week YouTube Lookbook

 After a multitude of computer crashes (Thank you #NYFW social media and content) I've finally posted my Fashion Week Lookbook on my YouTube channel Beauty by SW.

Fashion Blogger Beauty by SW blogspot

Thanks to Valerie Lee Owner of Chateau Bel Age Boutique for the use of her beautiful store, I could live in there. Some of the outfits didn't get full OOTD during the world wide phenomenon know as New York Fashion Week simply because it wasn't quite Fall Fashion weather but still all the outfits I would wear to a dinner, event or luncheon. I have shopped with Le Bel Age for the better part of my life because Valerie's choices in fashion are timeless and chic.I will have to share my jewelry collection with you all sometime, I've amassed a small bioux store at home. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up and share or subscribe for your dose of fashion fun and adventures.
Thank you all for your support
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mara Hoffman Runway Hits New Highs!

Mara Hoffman’s Fall Collection has hit a level of sophistication that had been missing in some of her past shows.  She has definitely hit a stride that I’m sure will translate into sales for this designer house.

Beauty by SW Blogger Fall Fashion

  Hoffman was quoted in the New York Time Article stating “I’m probably the brand you would expect in a weirdo venue, with people smoking joints and playing guitars sitting on the ground,”

Beauty by SW Fashion Blogger photo

Beauty by SW Lincoln Center MBFW

Nikon Photo Beauty by SW Blogger Beautiful
 Mara I think you’re a perfect fit for the Lincoln Center with all its drama and art oozing from every pore; I’d say you’re a match made in heaven. 

Some of my favorite pieces were the black and white prints but the most beautiful was this white ruffled piece.It's almost like a Moroccan wedding tapestry. Absolutely something Elizabeth Taylor would have worn in the late 60’s early 70’s, with Richard Burton at her side traveling through Mykonos.

Fashion Blogger Beauty by SW Blogspot Photos

  I can’t wait to see her Spring 2015 show at Lincoln Center.

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