Thursday, January 22, 2015

Add Pop to Your Plaid Fashion Trends

I don’t care if it’s 75 degrees out in San Diego! I will wear my plaid menswear inspired jacket with leather sleeves, dam it! I’ve had this jacket since last year and have been dying to pair it with this gun metal pleated mini skirt from Forever 21. I know most of us use Pinterest these days, however I still pull magazine photo’s I love. One of these magazine tears was Chanel’s Fall collections, where gun metals and plaids mixed with thigh high boots where the look du jour. I’m absolutely a great fan of Karl Lagerfeld, not just his Chanel designs either; How about the Fendi S/S 2015 collection? Amazing! 
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I chose not to add as much jewelry, only wearing my Victorian inspired rhinestone ring and my black rhinestone hoop earrings, to the look for a more understated feel. I love the mini handbag trend that’s having a moment, don’t you? For me this little pony bag holds all I need (lipstick & credit card). Now as some of you know I tend to have collections of things, (catalogs, stationary, etc) and my obsessions’ extends to knee high boots; I secretly want to be a pirate. I love this pair of knee high boots for 2 reasons, one is they will slouch down for a more relaxed look and two the rubber sole will be great for NYFW. I hate the cold people this is why I no longer live in NYC! And February sucks.
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One this great day in California I wore my OOTD to the Patio on Goldfinch. This restaurant has a great relaxed feel with its tufted chairs, wood and lush backroom wall jungle. We loved the music and if we ever get a date night again I’m going to sit at the bar and watch sports on the plethora of TV’s. Check it out if you have a chance (I suggest reservation as the wait time can be a bitch.

What are your weekender plans? Anyone have a favorite place I should put on my list NYC, SF, SD, LA let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blue As A Pop of Color to Your Monochrome OOTD

Blue seems to be the “it color of the moment. At Casa W various shades of blue are a constant. The color blue seems to evoke the senses and bring on a moody (good moody). One of my favorite pieces in our home is this blue velvet chair. Against the faux finished walls it’s a stand out, adding that pop of color, but too not to over the top.

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I think that same pop of color philosophy can be applied to you outfits, giving them a boost of life to what may otherwise just be another monochrome look. 

Hope you've enjoyed this look into my blue world of likes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Paraphernalia and The Universe Hears My Call?

Do you ever have that moment in your life where someone you haven’t seen in a long, long time appears in your life again? Today was that day for me. A Long time family friend of ours happens to work at the Girl Scouts Council and I ran into her in the GS Store when I was buying my Cookie Booth Paraphernalia.

 On a side note WOW! Have the Girl Scouts stepped up the Marketing tools for Cookie Sales since I was a Brownie.
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 This year I had decided to revisit old favorite places and old friends. I guess just saying that out load opened up the flood doors of  human social contact other than my family and co workers because after my visit at Girl Scouts 3 other friend I haven’t seen I a long while, want a night out on Saturday. I can’t wait to hang with old friends and have a catch up.

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Have you had the experience of saying a want aloud and having it come true? Or just made a promise to you and made it come true? Let me know your experience in the comments, this universe will hear your call/ faith thing is always interesting to me.



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